Rio Ueda

Rio anime


Kanji 上田 莉緒, Ueda Rio
Gender Female
Status Alive
Professional Status
Occupation Student
Personal Status
Friends Kakeru Naruse (Boyfriend, former)
Anime Letter 02
Manga Chapter 3
Voice Actors
Japanese Ayane Sakura
Actor Erina Mano


Rio dislikes having moved from Tokyo to a smaller town. She resents not being able to talk to her friends and it being more inconvenient talking to people.[1] As she begins dating Kakeru, she becomes easily jealous and tries to keep his friends away from him.


She is described as being pretty[2]


Recently, Rio moved from Tokyo to Matsumoto, Nagano. On May 2nd, Rio confesses to Kakeru during break. After this, they begin dating.


Naho Takamiya

"Man, talk about a country bumpkin!"
―Rio about Naho[3]

Rio seems to be quite jealous of Naho and tries to keep her away from Kakeru. One day, when Naho finally gets a chance to talk to him, Rio notices and runs by her, pushing Naho down in the process. She claims it's an accident but refuses to apologize because "it was Kakeru's fault for talking to [Naho]."


  • Chapter 6


  1. Chapter 4
  2. Chapter 3
  3. Chapter 4

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